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30 Postcards A Day Formula 


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mail 30 postcards a day formula 
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Simply By Mailing A Few Postcards Each Day Will Draw The Cash Orders In From Everywhere... Continuously... Over And Over Again Generating
More And
More Money For You.


Rapidly Multiply Your Income Using this Stress-Free Mailing System Which Automatically Reels-In All the People You Need to Build an Ever-Growing

 cash order letters

*You can even use a Presell Website to do this Online!


UNLESS you have financial LEVERAGE, you are going to struggle with unending problems and endure massive debt. Start earning money 24/7 instead of only from 9-5. Learn to earn from multiple income sources and be totally leveraged.

Many people struggle with this business because they don’t know what to sell, and how to create effective marketing tools that really work to generate consistent sales. But what if these obstacles could instantly be removed? I’ve already done that for you.

Hello. my name is Doyle Chambers. I am a 25+ year Master Marketer. Every single day, thousands of dollars in orders flow into my office. I have already generated unbelievable
profits with these special products.

These products: 

(1)...are in high demand and have a great interest to almost everyone.

(2)...are extremely well received.

(3)...have a high perceived value.

(4)...are already manufactured and ready to sell with no hassles.

(5)...are proven to make money. 


As a 25+ year master marketer, I understand exactly what many new marketers want and need: a “ready-to-make-money-now pre-packaged, everything included simple fast start distributorship system” -- which also includes low-cost marketing tools that work, and straight forward instructions. Yes, everything is handed to you on a silver platter.

You can operate this business from your home...and never create a product, take a phone call, write an ad or talk to anyone. Just mail a few letters or postcards each day and generate an ever-growing leveraged income. 

THE STORY: In the beginning, I ran myself dogged in MLM and I ate up over $10,000 in
“mis-marketing” blunders. I felt like a total loser. I spent years in disgust. I never surpassed $3,000 per month in MLM sales. And I almost gave up. I wasted years doing MLM all wrong. Meanwhile, the “answer” was right under my nose all along.

Then I uncovered the big mistake:

I Do NOT “Do” MLM Like Other People Do. Most people sell MLM directly upfront. It makes no sense to try and get absolute strangers to quit their deal so they can start all over again with your MLM.

Instead, I Created an Automated Cash Register that Sells Something Original that is in
High-Demand. That's it. 
I Turned Everything I Do
Into a Cash Flow Center.

I learned how to build the marketing machines that do all the work, not only for me - but for everyone. My Machines do all of the “SELLING”.

I started placing ads and mailing postcards that actually brought me back cash orders. I ran one ad for 15 years straight in 9 different major opportunity magazines. This ad allowed me to be in front of Millions of people every single month.

Directly from my ad, people bought the FIRST
low-cost product
 that I was selling.
Then I had people lined up to buy more of what I was selling on the back-end (upgrade products, MLM, or whatever).

My complete sales funnel process showed people the entire marketing system that sells and sponsors…automatically.

MLM companies come and go. Over 6 years, I had to CHANGE MLM programs upwards of 30 times BEFORE I finally made a home run. 

By 1994 - I was earning an enormous monthly income from one MLM. I had over 30,000 downline members.

Since 1994, I have received a fat residual income check EVERY SINGLE WEEK from that one MLM company. YES I have gotten paid for over 21 years.

Over many years of hard work, I have developed and perfected an ADVANCED funnel system where my associates and I could earn from multiple income sources and also be totally leveraged. ***AND THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT INVOLVE JOINING ANY TRADITIONAL MLM PROGRAM. 

Once people enter the funnel system, it teaches them how to make money for themselves, and others. This very persuasive selling system can quickly go to work making money for you.

I focus on creating cash flow through 
SALES of high-demand original products. 
This makes $1,000s daily.
What I sell
 appeals to a
full 100% of the marketplace.

I mainly use postcards and sales letters. My funnel system initially sells a $69 catalog distributorship. From there, those BUYERS (45% or better) continue through my sales funnel system and UPGRADE into 1-2-3 back-end sales offers. With each of these upgrade systems there are 3 levels of big payouts. And when the “initial get in” is only $69, almost everyone joins and you now have 100's of people to “upgrade” so you can make even more money…automatically.

Most People Have Been Hypnotized By Society To Be Small. Some people spend eight hours a day hating their job. WHERE you work dictates how much income you make.

Start earning money 24/7 instead of only from 9-5. Make a Mind Shift now, and you can change your income.

I use little postcards and marketing letters to ask people to trade money with me. Most people ask a boss for money. I ask and trade original how-to products for 100's. ASK people to trade money for good products. That's my money secret.


All you do is mail ONE Postcard
and your prospects
 see everything.

You keep getting paid
 over and over again.

My associates and I spend our days teaching people how to make money by simply mailing postcards. Right now…there are people sitting at home and mailing postcards. They're making enormous weekly cash flows.

I give the new enrollee ONE central focus, and that's mailing postcards that create sales and immediate cash flow. Everyone is IMMEDIATELY empowered to start earning commissions. No matter how you navigate within our system, you earn your money.

Anyone can use this cash-flow system without a long learning curve. Johnny tow-truck doesn't understand the internet. But he does understand, “Mail a postcard and get paid.”

MILLIONS of people have been ignored who are not fancy internet types. The little fish who never made a penny elsewhere, can now make money. My postcard system will really help them. Anyone who can share this system can generate multiple commissions - day in/day out 24/7.

This is an automatic selling system designed
 and created by a 25+ year Master Marketer.

YOU market the system + the system sells = products get sold = You Earn Money.

By participating with the system, you end up getting others to market the system. NOW, YOU HAVE GAINED LEVERAGE. The system keeps working and pulling in money like mad for everyone.

Isn’t it time for you
to get in the game?

Prepare yourself with a real financial backup system to rely on if your job is ever swept away. There’s no better business than a mail order-internet marketing business for ease of starting, low startup cost, and substantial income potential.

You can mail as much or as little as you like. This direct mail promotion has incredible possibilities! It’s a very effective postcard with a provocative, captivating headline. It’s enticing, and very compelling. Plus everything has already been done for you. All you have to do is...MAIL IT. 
I’ll even tell you who to mail it to.

People who are no smarter, no better off financially, or better educated or situated than you are right now - are in the process of building a better life by creating and controlling their source of income. All you need is a workable business system, and the guts to do something with it. You can be assured that all of my product systems are carefully designed to fill real needs and render genuine service. My distributorship will get you into business quickly.

With just a one-time small affordable cost, you can have an instant home business. You can work it entirely by mail...simple as mailing a few letters or postcards each day. You’ll have everything you need to get started - the same day you receive it. Grab hold and don’t let this slip away. Get started now.

Doyle Chambers 

Doyle Chambers

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30 Postcards A Day Formula 


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