America is a Free Enterprise System.

I will guarantee you that the Pilgrims and all the people with Columbus did not board up on three ships and come to America to get a JOB!

They came to America because it was the land of the free and an opportunity to succeed in life in a free enterprise economic system developed by a man named Adam Smith.

Prior to the turn of the century of 1900, over 90% of American people worked for themselves.

Most people were self-employed and the few people that were employed were in an apprentice capacity trying to learn a trade to succeed in life and accomplish their own dreams, goals and desires through a thing called free enterprise.

People were taught how to make things happen for themselves.

Around 1900 in America – we experienced what is now called the Industrial Revolution.

(1) Big Business was formed and large corporations came into existence.
(2) Government entities began to start into motion.
(3) The school system in America was formed.

What does big business need in order to operate and succeed?
They’re called EMPLOYEES.

Employees are people who are willing to trade 8-10 hours for some kind of a paycheck, and then live a low standard of living for the rest of their life.

America is the greatest country in the history of the world – and yet it is the only country that DOES NOT teach its young its own system of economics.

Americans were taught through a school system that teaches  how to get a good education and then go out and get a JOB – and thereby guarantee yourself the right to FAIL.

98% of American people today are controlled by time and money – and by their 65th birthday they’ll either be dead or flat broke.

University studies show that 95% of people who actually earned a 4 year college degree, DID NOT obtain employment in their chosen field of study. That’s astounding!

95% of college graduates DID NOT get a job working in their intended profession.
In other words, 95% spent 5 years and tens of thousands of dollars chasing a rainbow.

Almost half of the people lose their job before turning 65 – so they lose any company retirement benefits. They end up having to survive on a very small social security income check.

They were all chasing something that could never be, and wound up with nothing.

All of these people have two things in common:
Number one – they all work hard.
Number two – they all work for somebody else.

98% of American people wind up dead or broke by age 65 because of the school system and our government. They were taught how to get a good education and training.

The reality is: “A” students wind up teaching at colleges or schools and “B” students wind up working for “C” students.

The more education you have – the greater your money problems will be.

Did you ever see a wealthy professor?

Broke people CANNOT teach you or anyone how to succeed with the free enterprise economic system.

Broke people cannot help broke people.

If you spend years listening and following broke people – then you’ll be just like them.

The BIG Problem is – Almost everyone is learning from the wrong people.

Everyone’s Big Dream is to become an Employee and work for a large company.

At about age 22, when men and women enter the work system – what’s their goal in life?

Of course — their goal is to succeed!

Do you think 98 out of 100 were planning to fail?  NO WAY!

There is a 98% chance of being dead or broke before you turn 65.

Now what would a college graduate say:  “Impossible, I don’t believe it.”

Yes, it’s true.

We’ve been keeping track of people ever since America became an industrialized nation – 98 out of 100 don’t make it. The more education they have, the worse their jobs are.

“Oh come on, if that were true my teacher would have told me. They wouldn’t have let me spend 5 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars getting an education to learn how to fail. They would have told me.”

Broke people CANNOT help broke people…and people who are failing don’t like to hear the truth.

The school system has taught everyone how to fail.

No one was ever taught how to go into business for themselves.


Most people spend their whole life following a plan that they think is a good deal, but it ends up leading to nowhere.

Too many people have been taught to let somebody else to do all their thinking for them…and let somebody else make all the decisions for them. They don’t know how to make a decision because their parents and school teachers did all the thinking for them.

They were taught how to go to work for somebody else and that’s what happened to them. And then their boss did all the thinking for them.

If these people are put in a position where they need to make a decision about succeeding in life – THEY CAN’T!
Success begins with a decision. And failure to make a decision guarantees failure in life.

You’ve got to care about your future and make a decision to succeed.

If you’re going to succeed in America, you’ve got to do what the American Free Enterprise System teaches – GO INTO BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF AND LEARN HOW TO WORK SMART.

The only way you’ll learn how to work smart is to understand the principles of success. If these success principles are not taught in the school system – then where do you learn them?

There are only two places to learn success principles:

(1) You can read about success in any good success principles book. After I personally read the book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill – it turned my world around for the better. Unfortunately – most people are very poor readers. But successful people read every day.

(2) You can learn from successful entrepreneurs who have a proven track record of success. If you want to succeed, then you’ve got to find out what successful people do – and then duplicate their work habits.
Don’t work for somebody all your life – work for yourself.

Follow a successful entrepreneur who has chosen the right business, build your business and be rewarded in direct in proportion to the fruits of your own effort and labor.

You’ll never be paid what you’re worth unless you go into business for yourself.

Follow Me and I’ll Be Your Mentor…

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Doyle Chambers